Why Most Woodburn Homesellers Hire A Realtor

There are many good reasons why Woodburn, Oregon homesellers hire a Realtor, including the handful of sellers who first try the ‘for sale by owner’ or ‘FSBO’ route.

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Here are ten of the most common reasons why Woodburn area homesellers hire a Realtor to get the job done right.

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‘For Sale by Owners’ Need to Wear Many Hats

1. Selling Your Woodburn Home ‘By Owner’ Means Taking on a Second Job.
Most homesellers are busy. So before attempting to sell property on your own, first ask yourself if you’re prepared to wear some extra hats. That’s because in addition to (1). preparing your property for market and (2). finding a replacement dwelling, along with (3). the task of actually moving, selling your home involves (4). abundant planning, (5). serious paperwork, (6). negotiation skills, (7). accurate scheduling, (8). diligent research, (9). considerable legwork (if done right) and (10). a lot of just plain toil. Woodburn Oregon, Woodburn Real Estate, Woodburn Homeselling, Woodburn Homeseller

2. Legalese, Sometimes with Different Rules for Each County and/or Municipality.
Realtors use continually-updated forms written by experienced real estate attorneys designed specifically for regional transactions, with clarity and simplicity in mind. Such documents include important protections for both buyer and seller. While no document is perfect, Realtor forms include key clauses, like for home inspections and appraisals, along with arbitration/mediation mechanisms. These time-tested documents help prevent potential issues, while at the same time deterring ‘nuisance’ litigation.

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3. More Accurate Pricing When Buying & Selling.
These days the average Woodburn resident moves about every 6 years years or so. As with any activity, it’s easy to get rusty. Realtors are in the real estate market all day, every day. This means an experienced real estate agent can provide significant market awareness to help you price what’s likely to be your single largest investment.

Armed with access to multiple listing, sales and tax data, Realtors provide significant pricing experience and real life insights, whether you want to know what the property you’re selling is worth, or once you sell, how much to offer on the home you’re buying.

Woodburn, Woodburn Homes, Woodburn Homes Real Estate4. Objectivity.
We all deal with subjectivity from time to time. Does your home smell? Perhaps you’ve gotten used to having multiple pets in your small home, don’t notice the mold growing in your bathroom, or haven’t realized how gloomy your living room appears. One role of a Realtor is to be helpfully honest. That means being truthful if there’s something you as a seller don’t see (or smell). 

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Most Homesellers Don’t Like A Rapidly Exiting ‘Conga Line’ of Mum Buyers

Far better to be forewarned and forearmed by your Realtor, than witness a rapidly exiting ‘conga line’ of mum homebuyers who don’t want to offend you. Or perhaps you don’t think disclosing settling water in your basement each Winter is a big deal. The reality is that disclosing such a potentially material fact is something dutiful agents will advise in order to keep you out of much hotter water after the sale. 

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5. Junk the Junk.
Have you ever studied a real estate earnest money agreement (also called an EMA or purchase agreement), or seller’s ‘net sheet?’ Over the course of a transaction, it’s easy to accumulate an abundance of ‘junk’ fees. Count on your Realtor to go over such forms with you and assist in pre-emptively warning you. An experienced agent knows what’s ‘routine’ and what’s not.

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6. Marketing.
Even if a seller has a sense of what his or her home is worth, effectively reaching the the widest number of buyers increases your opportunity to find more motivated and qualified buyers, even creating a ‘bidding war.’ The simple act of listing your Woodburn home with a Realtor means your property is immediately promoted on a host of proven, effective home marketing venues. But it doesn’t stop there. Successful Realtors use many different tools to reach buyers for your specific property. As a Woodburn homeseller, also make sure your agent holds memberships in both of our regional multiple listing systems, one based in Portland and the other in Salem, since we’re located equidistant between these crucial homeselling systems. Otherwise, you risk having reduced market coverage for your property.

Connecting your property with the right buyer might mean the difference between a fast close at full price (or higher), compared to a continuous stream of ‘sale-fails’ where your property is needlessly taken off the market by buyers who were marginally qualified. 

7. Experience.
There is simply no substitute for ‘hands on’ real estate experience. If your home hasn’t sold, at what point should you consider a price adjustment? How much of a price adjustment is necessary? Is there something other than price causing my property not to sell? These are not new questions to an experienced agent, who can help address these and other important questions.

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When it Matters, Experience is Good to Have on Your Side.

It’s comforting in especially difficult situations to rely on an experienced Realtor, who is the duly able real estate ‘captain’ of your transaction. When the need arises, most consumers prefer an experienced surgeon or pilot, so it’s understandable to want experienced representation with the important task of selling your home. It’s also helpful to know that a professional real estate agent makes the entire home selling process appear easier than it is.

8. Negotiation Skills.
If you’re like most consumers, you dread negotiating when buying a car. Consider how much higher the stakes are with your home sale. You want an experienced hand on your side. 
While real estate transactions are optimally a ‘win-win’ situation, it’s realistic to expect some friction. If you haven’t considered homeselling as a kind of ‘war,’ check out this unique perspective on the ‘battle’ of selling your home. 

The best way to navigate through a potentially difficult transaction is to be represented by one who has been over the road before. So whether you’re in negotiations with a ‘bargain hunting’ buyer, or experience an unpleasant ‘surprise’ in a home inspection, or get hit with a seriously low appraisal, each unique situation presents an opportunity for difficulty, or reaching common ground. Your Realtor can assist in ‘end gaming’ your best strategies and in dealing with a wide variety of buyer personalities.

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Having a Realtor ‘Buffer’ Between Buyer & Seller Can Avoid Headaches

9. The ‘Buffer Effect.’
Having an agent represent you makes it easier to maintain civility between ‘warring’ parties. Ever say something you regret? An experienced Realtor can often use more constructive language to accomplish what might otherwise be considered an emotional and/or provocative comment.

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Hiring A Realtor Makes Sellers More Money: Click above image to enlarge

10. More Money.
National Association of Realtor statistics reveal that homesellers who use a Realtor actually net considerably more at closing than those who don’t, even after taking into account paying a commission. Consider that when banks (which are renowned for watching the ‘bottom line’) sell their foreclosed homes, they hire an expert, a Realtor. From a financial standpoint, it really does ‘pencil out’ to hire a Realtor. 

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Local Realtor Roy Widing

Thinking about selling your Woodburn area property? Contact Roy with Certified Realty, Oregon’s choice since 1950, using the form below for a free consultation.

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