Vandals Hit Woodburn Homes

More than a dozen incidents of vandalism were recently reported in Woodburn at the Estates Golf and Country Club neighborhood around April Fools’ Day. However, very few Woodburn residents are laughing at the criminal activity.

Making the situation even stranger are typewritten notes accusing city of Woodburn employees for the damage. Click here to read one such note left by vandals defacing Woodburn homes. News reports indicate Woodburn officials have denied the damage was caused by city employees.

Woodburn Homes Woodburn Real Estate

Alleged Vandals Hit Woodburn Estates Homes

Photos released of the alleged perpetrators show hooded individuals at night carrying a pieces of paper. 

Woodburn Homes Woodburn Real Estate

Vandal Duo Defaces Woodburn Homes

Anyone with knowledge of the crimes is encouraged to contact the City of Woodburn Police Department via their website or call at 503-982-2345.



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