What Kind of Homeseller Are You?

Willamette Valley Homes & Real Estate

As Spring approaches, many Oregonians become homesellers. If you’re about to be one, it’s important to realize there is a diverse range of homeseller personalities. Why is this important? Since behavior influences results, adapting to the challenge of selling a home can only help your bottom line. As an example, when selling your home, try to be the kind of homeseller that homebuyers want to work with and you’re destined for success.

Realtors deal with the public daily and work with every kind of personality. The usual result to their efforts is a successful transaction. Real estate agents have learned that their response can impact results. One business executive summed it up this way: “It’s not the what, it’s the how.” So often, it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it and part of that equation is how you interact with others. This involves personality. So where does…

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